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Are you a video clip maker? Are you sharing them online on your blog or YouTube and trying to build a following through engaging video content? Mastering the use of a green screen in your video clip will enhance your production with the option of changing the background. Make your videos stand out and boost your creativity with a background changer editor. Imagine adding in lush landscapes, futuristic scenes, or even just your favorite photos (in JPEG format), or graphic design images. This is done via the chroma key tool, found in green screen editing software. In fact, these days you can change the video background without a green screen – any solid color will work, if you have the right tool. In this article, we look at two popular software options to add background to a video – Movavi Video Editor and iMovie. To read more about Movavi's software, visit the page linked below.

Movavi Video Editor

Way #1 – How to change a video background using chroma key (green screen)

This green screen video editor offers a user-friendly background remover with its intuitive interface, professional-quality results, and a full suite of advanced editing tools and visual effects. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, you can count on editing your video background in a few easy clicks. Simply delete the background of your clips and videos and replace it with images of your choice by using the chroma key tool. Even with no experience, this is surprisingly easy to do. Basically, the chroma key tool allows you to select the solid color background and make it transparent. Then you drag and drop your new background into the video clip. You can also crop out unwanted text or images, add filters, transitions, audio, and titles to put the finishing touches on your clip before choosing from multiple export options.

Available for Mac and Windows, you can benefit from a 7-day free trial before signing up for HK$439.

Check out the tutorial on their website and read on to find out how to change video background in 4 easy steps using chroma key with Movavi Video Editor.

Step 1. Install the Movavi background changer for videos

Download and install the program by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2. Add your files

Launch the program and click Add Files to import one file with a green screen background and one file of the image or picture you want to import as the new background. Drag both files into Video Track on the Timeline.

Step 3. Edit your video

Select the video with the green screen on the Timeline and drag it up to create a new Overlay Track. Drop the foreground video onto the Overlay Track. The background clip stays in the main Video Track. Double-click on the green screen video to access More Tools, select Chroma Key, and then with the color picker select the color or your screen. The background is now transparent, and your new background appears.

Adjust the different sliders – Tolerance, Noise, Edges, Opacity – to polish your video footage until you are happy with it.

Step 4. Save the video

Click Export and choose the output format, then click Start.

The process is effectively streamlined into a few logical steps. This is a perfect option for both Mac or Windows users (especially since Windows Movie Maker was discontinued) looking for a way to replace a video background with clean, professional results, quickly and simply.


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Way #2 – How to add background to a video in 5 steps

Movavi Video Editor can also be used as a background changer for videos. Here is a five-step guide to how to change video background without a lot of effort.

Step 1. Install Movavi Video Editor

Download and launch the setup file for Movavi Video Editor. Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation process. The program will open when the setup is complete.

Step 2. Import your video files

Click Add Files and choose the video that needs editing. Or, you can simply drag the file into the timeline area.

Step 3. Add a background

To change a video background, open the Backgrounds tab and select a picture. Drag it into the timeline area.

Create an additional video track by clicking the Add icon. Then click Add Video Track and move your video to the track that appears. Adjust the duration the background is displayed by dragging the right edge of the image so that it aligns with the right edge of the video track.

Step 4. Customize your video

Click on the video track, then choose Overlay. There, select the Picture in picture option. Adjust the size and location of the video on the background.

Step 5. Export your video

To save the result, click the Export button. Choose the video format, quality, and folder, then click Start. When the video has been successfully saved, it will appear in the specified folder.

Way #3 – How to use green screen in iMovie

This video editing software exclusively for Mac and iOS devices offers green screen effects that will allow you to apply custom backgrounds to your videos. As an effective background changer for videos, this easy-to-navigate, streamlined video editor can be used across your iOS devices in real-time. Record your video clip on your iPhone, switch to the iMovie app on your iPad to add additional effects, and then add music from your iTunes library on your Macbook to finish up.

You can edit out and replace your background in a few easy steps. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use the green screen in iMovie.

  1. Film your video with a green or blue background.

  2. Add your selected background in the Timeline.

  3. Add the video footage above the background in the Timeline.

  4. Edit and move your background clip to sync with the length of your green screen recording.

  5. Select Video Overlay Settings, then click Green/Blue Screen to access the green screen adjustment controls.

  6. To make final adjustments to your clip: the Softness control adjusts transitions, the Crop button is an easy image cropper, and the Clean-up button works like an eraser to mask areas of the green screen clip.

On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, you also have the option of the Auto button once you add both files to the Timeline. This button enables the automatic removal of the green or blue from the clip.

Recommended for cutting your solid color background out and easily replacing it with your chosen image or motion background, you can expect high-quality results in a few clicks.


If you are a video clip creator looking to change up your video footage and replace your video background with images, photos, pics, or visual effects, these are the best software options for you. Use any video recorder and film your footage against a background of any solid color (even white). Effectively remove the color background and replace it with a motion background, a static pic, or even a logo/corporate image. Both programs offer a streamlined user experience with intuitive interfaces and excellent quality rendering. While the Movavi Video Editor program is available for both Mac and Windows, iMovie is only compatible with mac and iOS devices. If you are having trouble choosing, this may be the deciding factor in your choice of the best video background changer editor.

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