Movavi Products Reviews from Our Customers

See what our users think about Movavi software

Movavi Products Reviews from Our Customers

See what our users think about Movavi software

Genki Chris
The best video editing software I have ever used

My wife bought me a DJI Mavic mini as my birthday gift. That’s why I started video editing (again!). I am really into it as I did video editing a lot when I was in university for projects, marketing contests, and school campaigns. It’s really amazing for me to get this hobby back and I finally started my YouTube channel to share my drone videos! movavi is indeed the best video editing software I have ever used!


Okay this is a huge step up from what I was using. Whatever was preinstalled on my computer before almost made me quit. It was so complicated! I make cooking videos on YouTube and not the most tech savvy but still wanted to give it a shot and I’m SO HAPPY I could figure out the Movavi Video Editor. It cuts a lot of the stress in content creation out.

Movavi meets all my needs

I’ve always been shy but dreamed to break free from my comfort zone and show off my talent and love for singing. About 3 years ago, after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl I decided I was going to take the initiative to finally make my dreams come true. I started creating YouTube videos and absolutely loved it. I, of course, wasn’t too comfortable in the camera to start but 3 years into being into the YouTube scene I’ve grown so much and I can’t be more proud of myself. I’ve experimented with multiple editors, and none seem to meet my needs as well as Movavi has. I am very proud I took the steps to get where I am today and I wouldn’t have achieved any of it without my amazing video editor!

Movavi Video Suite

Everything you need to create and edit multimedia files

<p>Movavi Video Suite </p>
Vince Noble
Perfect tool for perfectionists

Video Suite is perhaps one of the best things about Movavi and it combines everything I love about their tools. It has the whole recorder, editor, and converter in one software. Suite is the perfect tool for perfectionists with deadlines because we don’t need to compromise quality trying to find each feature as Movavi already has them all.

Paul Walters
It’s everything we need, all in one!

I make webinars for my agency. We were using a few programs and using them was a pretty dry experience. I was really excited when the boss opened up to trying something new. I jumped to suggest Movavi Video Suite, wanting to try it for a while now. Everyone’s warmed up to it now and we aren’t going back. It’s everything we need, all in one!

Douglas Chambers
New things about Movavi

I am incredibly impressed with this video suite! At first, I mainly installed it for its editing functions because I make vlogs, but I’ve also been using the screen recorder to capture webinars – plus converting videos from my iPad so they’re playable on my laptop. I keep learning new things about Movavi, and it’s fun and easy to play around with.

Movavi Video Converter

The ideal way to get your media in the format you need!

<p>Movavi Video Converter</p>
Jillian Webb
Really helpful

I got really used to recording things a certain way so when I’d have video projects and my professors required certain formats or other things my computer couldn’t innately do on its own, the video converter was really helpful. I thought I’d have to start over a few times but movavi saved me from having to change my ways completely.

Rex Stephens
Option to optimize my videos

This video converter helped me ensure that my video projects will always be presented in the best way needed, compacting it in the least space possible! It gives me the option to optimize my videos for certain devices, and I can even do quick edits on my videos before wrapping it all up so I can be sure that my presentation is perfect.

Rosa S.
Great conversion tool

Really like the conversion speed between video formats. It’s much faster than I expected. It literally takes five seconds to convert MOV to AVI. I’ll definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Movavi Screen Recorder

The perfect way to record anything from your screen

<p>Movavi Screen Recorder</p>
Mandy Dinwiddie
It is not confusing at all!

There are so many screen recorders out there, but none of them can outmatch the Movavi Screen Recorder. It’s very easy to use and even with a lot of features, it is not confusing at all! I highly recommend it! Movavi proves that the essential things don’t have to come in large packages.

It has everything I need

The Movavi Screen Recorder is very easy to use, but at the same time it’s really powerful. It isn’t like your typical screen recorder because it grants you access to many tools. There’s no need for complicated setups, you can quickly edit your recordings, and export your videos with high definition. It has everything I need for a screen recorder.

Recommend it to everyone

This app helps me record and edit youtube videos, save Skype calls, and program work. works great every time and helps a lot. best purchase of year.

Movavi Photo Editor

Easily enhance images and get professional-grade results in a snap.

<p>Movavi Photo Editor</p>
Good old Movavi Photo Editor

I've been using Movavi Photo Editor for many years now. It always helps me edit travel photos. With this program, I learned how to use professional instruments like the background change and retouching. When I started photo editing, I used to make my images too bright and contrast. Now I understand that fewer changes are better. So Movavi Photo Editor also helped me to figure out important things about picture editing.

Travel Geek
It's a match

Wow. Never thought a desktop photo editor could be that good. Like the number of effects and filters. The instruments are smooth, and everything works fast. Tried to edit several pictures from my gallery, and the results are impressive.

Bruce Jameson
My favorite editor

First I thought it’s just another app for basic editing. But there are so many different filters, effects, frames, and textures! All these tools make photo editing not a routine but a creative process. Use this program if you like to experiment with editing.

Gecata by Movavi

Simple and solid game recorder and streaming program

<p>Gecata&nbsp;by Movavi</p>
My trust

Gecata by Movavi is the only thing I trust when it comes to streaming and recording my gameplay. It flawlessly captures everything that’s happening on my screen. I find this very helpful as it assists me in reassessing how I did in my streams so I can check where I lack in skills and be a better player in the future.

Mabel Jarvis
Perfect gift for gamers

My son wants to be a pro gamer, so I bought this for him for his birthday. I don’t know much about the gaming world, but he seems to love it. He likes it better than a different program he was using, and he said that he likes that there isn’t any lag during streams. Apparently, his last solution had lots of lags and his viewers would complain.

Pearl Watson
I recommend this, 100%!

Gecata has taken my Roblox streaming to a whole new level, and I want to try it with Apex Legends too! The program lets you stream and record in super-high quality; I’ve been streaming in 4K with 120 FPS and my viewers have been really happy with the quality of my video and audio. I recommend this, 100%!

Movavi Clips

Сreate awesome content on the fly

<p>Movavi Clips</p>
Nice app

I like making videos for Youtube and want them looking clean and fresh, but don’t have a computer to handle all the editing that goes into it. But with this video editor for the iPhone, I don’t need one! And I can record right in the app which is nice; I don’t have to switch back and forth. Looking back at my videos, you can’t tell I did it all from a phone either.

Grayson Gibbs

I have a super fancy video editing program installed on my laptop, but I never use it anymore… because I have Movavi App installed on my iPhone, hahaha! It’s just too convenient… I love being able to take videos and edit them on the same device. And you can upload directly to social media!

Movavi stan
My favorite app

I love Movavi, that’s it, I said it. Their iOS app is absolute treasure. Soooo simple! I use it every time I need to trim videos or add captions. Good job, guys.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

An easy-to-use, yet efficient slideshow making program

<p>Movavi Slideshow Maker</p>
granny Martha
Love it!

Movavi Slideshow Maker is my favorite helper! Have a lot of fun while making slideshows for my family members. Try new effects and tools all the time. I definitely recommend this program to everyone who wants to boost creativity!

Quite good

First I had troubles with Movavi Slideshow Maker as it didn’t work. I wrote to customer service and they solved the problem very fast. The app itself is quite good, I use it constantly for school lessons.

Dave Cook
Highly recommend

Every time I need to make a slideshow about my holidays I turn to Movavi. I like Slideshow Maker for its simplicity – you just throw in whole folders of images and just enjoy the process. Lots of filters and transitions. Plus, now I know some tricks like picture in picture or freeze frame. Very good editor, you should try it.

Maria Monkeys
PDF Editor for work

I like PDFChef as it allows me edit PDFs quickly. It usually takes hours to work with these documents if you don’t have an appropriate app. But this program makes things easier. And if you have any questions (I could not understand how to use the activation key) the support team will help.

5 stars

Thanks to Movavi, I don’t need expensive PDF tools, this one has all I need. I can edit texts, extract pages, and add my signature. So easy!

Good PDF Editor

Use Movavi to work with my projects in the university. Helps me add pictures, graphics, and diagrammes in PDFs. Better than apps I used before.

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